Pajeda’s Gluten Information

As the awareness of Celiac Disease increases, so do the number of consumers who contact us about the gluten in Pajeda’s snacks.

Currently, the only snack we make that contains gluten is our Party Mix, due to the pretzels in it.

Our gluten free snacks currently are:

Pajeda’s White Round Tortilla Chips
Pajeda’s Yellow Round Tortilla Chips
Pajeda’s Nacho Tortilla Chips
Pajeda’s Ranch Tortilla Chips
Pajeda’s Puffed Cheese
Pajeda’s Crunchy Cheese
Pajeda’s Corn Chips
Pajeda’s Onion Rings

Of course, if you ever have any concerns or questions about any of our snacks, we hope you’ll contact us and let us know. And, as always, thanks for supporting Pajeda’s.

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