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Plain & flavored tortilla chips, cheese curls, onion rings and more

What kind of name is Pajeda's?

Our name is pronounced Puh-jee-duhs.
(They’re tasty snacks though, no matter how you say it.)

And what does Pajeda's mean?
Well, we'd like to say it means “Delicious” but honestly, it means nothing. We made it up.

We're all about value

We work hard at making great-tasting, quality snacks at an affordable price. We know that finding a good value is important to you – it’s important to us, too. We also know that a good value doesn’t just mean cheap; it means that you get a high quality product at a price that doesn’t bust your budget, and that is the belief that Pajeda’s is built on. If you’re looking for a brand of chips that’s big on flavor but low on price, congratulations, you just found it.

Thank you!

We appreciate everyone who supports our family-owned brand of snacks.
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