Pajeda’s Raves

Pajeda’s Has the Best Fans in the World!

Our Pajeda’s raves come to us from all over the United States. These come in the form of emails, letters and our Facebook page, and the raves seem to pour in daily. We hope if you have a rave, you’ll take the time to tell us. We love hearing from our fans.

Here are some of the great raves we’ve received:

  • I bought your party mix and cheese curls and loved them both! I make a lot of snack mixes and your snacks will be a big part of my recipes! Thank you for a quality product for such a great price. “Happy Holidays” to you!! – Lynn, via Pajeda’s website
  • Just wanted to congratulate you all for making such delicious, fresh, and priced right snacks! Love Pajeda’s snacks puffed cheese, and potato chips are my favorites, in addition my family enjoys other flavors too! We love the variety & great value price! Many thanks for these number 1 snacks.  – Kathylyn, via Pajeda’s website
  • Fantastic snacks-especially the crunchy cheese and the nacho cheese chips! If they are in your area-try and buy them-the prices cannot be beat! – Gary, via Facebook
  • Good tasting snacks for good price. I like them more then those big name brands on the market. – John, via Facebook
  • Tried my first bag’ and I’m smitten!! Much better than the “pricey name brands”…taste so much more like restaurant chips. Kudos to all & keep up the great work – Wil, via Pajeda’s website
  • Thank you for the quality product that we bought for only a dollar! Wow! My husband said that we could try them, and if we didn’t like them, well, we wouldn’t buy them again. We liked them! We will buy them again! The “Crunchy Cheese” product – yum! – Mary, via Pajeda’s website
  • Once I found these I always go for them first! Forget the “name brand chips” these are amazing. The crunchy cheese are my favorite and am thinking I have a addiction. :) Thank you. Our store has them for $1. – Cedar, via Facebook
  • I just found your brand of tostados premium white corn tortilla chips at my local market. Wow! They taste great! I also picked up some yellow corn as well. What a deal at 95 cents, I couldn’t believe it and was happily surprised to see 4 ingredients. 4 ingredients is way better than 44 for major brands full of chemicals. Thanks so much and can’t wait to try out some different flavors you offer. I will always try to buy your brand and will tell others! – T., South Dakota
  • I just tried your Nacho Cheese and Ranch tortilla chips and had to tell you I loved them and they are a great price – much better price and flavor than Doritos’s, and I will be buying these from now on. I am going to try your Onion Rings and Party Mix also. –  Caleb, Tennessee
  • Just discovered your GREAT product – can’t believe your prices!! Keep up the good work with your wonderful assortment of products and the great flavors – can’t stop eating them – yours are even better than the name brand products – thanks again! – Carol, via Pajeda’s website
  • I just wanted to give 5 stars to the makers of Pajeda’s! We just love them! I use them in taco bakes, with cheese dip and even plain they taste great!!! The price is reasonable and the product is great too! Please don’t change a thing. Thank you. – Lisa, via Pajeda’s website
  • Best onion rings EVER!!!!! Nothing else needs to be said!!!! – Troy, via Facebook
  • This company has the best quality as well as pricing that i have seen in a long time AND they took the time to thank me for my purchase! Definitely a 5 star! – Pamela, via Facebook
  • WOW! Bought two bags of Pajeda’s Corn Chips. Just love them. I eat them right out of the bag and put them in chili and soup. As good as any major brand of corn chips on the market. You have a new fan and customer! Thanks for the bargain price and the great taste. – Gary, Tennessee
  • We just purchased your product last night and had the bag as a snack today – loved it!! We bought the Onion Flavored Rings, and were impressed with not only the flavor, but also the price! Pleasantly surprised with the fact of buying a smaller packaging and the bag was quite full – as opposed to buying a larger bag and having it only be one-third full. We will definitely look for this product again and will be trying the other flavors available. We were impressed with the true onion flavoring in this product, and look forward to using it in recipes. – Ferne, Michigan
  • I was grocery shopping and decided to try your Crunchy Cheese and Party Mix and I fell in love, not only with the taste sensation but the prices. I am totally impressed. Keep up the good work. I will buying your different tastes. GOOD JOB! – Alice, Missouri
  • My wife and I are retired and always looking for value in everything we buy. We are fussy eaters and avoid foods containing ingredients we can’t pronounce. Pajeda’s Yellow Corn Tostados filled the bill! Great taste, good nutrition and excellent value. What a combination! Cant wait to try your other products. – Philip
  • A big thank you for your Pajeda’s brand snacks. They are wonderful and very fairly priced. When we want a snack, your brand is what we will continue to purchase. – Norma, Missouri
  • Weekly we purchase your Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips and regular Corn Tortilla Chips, and we love them. Used to buy Tostito’s brand, but yours is comparable and much more reasonably priced. Thank you for producing a quality product! Kudos to you! – Rhonda, Illinois
  • I saw your Party Mix at my local grocery store for the first time earlier today. Considering the $1 price tag I was a little skeptical but I like to give new brands a try. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried them, they are are fresher, crispier, and have a better overall flavor than any of the other brands I usually buy (Doritos brand “Munchies” mostly). Thank you for a great product at a really good price. – Ryan, Arkansas
  • I was on a trip in North Myrtle Beach, SC. and I came across your onion rings. These are the best onion rings I’ve ever had! Better then Funyuns! – Brittany, Minnesota
  • Hi everyone! Once in a while we find something we stick with because it’s a great product; up until now my list was made up of Sketcher Shoes, Mudd Jeans, and Viva paper towels. I am excited to say that Pajeda’s Premium White Corn Tortilla Chips have just made my list longer! I have tried every brand of white corn tortilla chips and haven’t been thrilled with any of them on an ongoing basis. Pajeda’s is a brand that NEVER lets me down! The best part of your white corn tortilla chips is the salty flavor-the fact that your chips are a third of the price of the bigger brand names puts them over the top! Thanks guys for a great snack!! – Jen, Minnesota
  • I am a poorer than dirt college student who used to be addicted to the very good Doritos and Cheetos BUT as soon as I saw your Pajeda’s Now Cheesier Nachos and your cheese puffs in my school’s night store for a dollar, I decided to try them. I LOVE THEM! Even more than the name brand products- these are so delicious. My friend with me now agrees. Thank you for making an affordable but really delicious product. We really appreciate it. – Eliza, Michigan
  • I just wanna say I love your party mix. It is the best. You guys say it best when you say why pay more. I agree totally ;) – Jamie, Indiana
  • I was surprised to see the bag of puffed cheese was filled to the top of the bag. That is what made me pick it up and try them. Now I am purchasing your other snacks and finding them to be very enjoyable. It makes me feel like I am receiving my money’s worth. Don’t stop doing what you do. I am a satisfied customer, thanks for thinking of the consumer instead of profits. – Kendle, Wisconsin
  • I am just writing this to let you know that I tried your product for the first time. I was impressed!! The crunchy cheese taste just as good as Cheetos and the price difference is amazing! I wish there were more companies like yours that really try to save customers money. Thank You for your product! I wish it was available everywhere! – Sally, Michigan
  • We are huge fans of Cheetos brand corn curls but the cost is twice what most generic brands are, so we usually purchase generic brands to save money! Our daughter purchased a bag of your brand of Crunchy cheese snacks and we tried them. WOW! I tried to fool my husband with your brand and the Cheetos brand and he couldn’t tell the difference. We babysit 2 of our grandkids every day and are buying lots of snack items and believe me, our choice will now be Pajeda’s brands!!! I have purchased Walmart’s brand and they do not compare at all to yours! Thank you so much for saving us money in these tough economic times!!! – Marlene, Wisconsin
  • I was once told that if you look up reviews on a company, you will almost always find more negative than positive things said. This is because when people are satisfied, they are happy & content; but when they are dissatisfied, they will go out of their way to let everyone know. I want it to be known that I am IN LOVE with Pajeda’s. Not only are the chips affordable, but more importantly – they are delicious! They aren’t too greasy or have too much seasoning. Soooo much better than Doritos! Thank you! – Desaray, Nebraska
  • Love your crunchy cheese snacks. Love the flavor, the bag size, texture of the product, & the price. You have Cheetos beat in spades on flavor, freshness, & texture. The price of your product is big & clear right on the front… are not trying to hide it from me. Thanks & keep up the good work. – Jim, Wisconsin
  • Just want to tell you that I recently bought your Real Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips at Sentry Foods……Great product!! Love it! – Kathy, Wisconsin
  • Just tried your puffed cheese snack chip! Very satisfied, it’s not oily like the other name brands and even better, its only $1.00!!!! – Tron, Oklahoma
  • If the ranch flavored chips you guys have cost as much as cool ranch Doritos, I would still pay for your brand. Your brand has better consistency with the seasoning, making each and every chip flavorful. Frito Lay should be ashamed of themselves for being so stingy with the seasoning, especially since they ask us to pay so much more than any other brand. I don’t buy Doritos anymore, as they just seem like a waste of money and they don’t taste as good as Pajeda’s. Keep doing what you are doing, you got a great chip! – Tim, Kentucky
  • I just had to write and tell you that I’m addicted to Frito Lay’s Cheetos. I have them for lunch everyday and if I don’t, I get beside myself. I was buying my week’s supply at the store this morning and as I was going to get checked out, I looked at an endcap and saw the display of Pajeda’s chips. I picked up the Crunchy Cheese and after looking decided to try them. I want you to know that they are very good, crunchier than Cheetos and had a good tasting cheese. I will be buying these again. Thank so much. – Lucille, Texas
  • I absolutely love your products. Thank you for making them delicious and affordable. I have converted ALL of my family and friends over to Pajeda’s; I even buy extras to take to my family reunions each year-three states away. They love them, too. When we talk on the phone, they always ask me how I’m doing first; second question is always “are you bringing the chips?”. I’m the favorite in the family. ;-) – Linda, Wisconsin
  • I was grocery shopping, and my husband asked if I had tried Pajeda’s nacho cheese tortilla chips. Since I hadn’t, he asked if I would give them a shot. Let me tell you: When I took my first bite, I had to look around and see if I was in an authentic Mexican restaurant. They tasted just like those awesome yummy tortilla chips you get at a fine restaurant, only they are nacho flavored. You all have won me over, and that is not an easy task! I will choose your brand over those fake flavored nacho chips, —–os. I refuse to type the entire brand, because they are NOT good/authentic enough to clutter up your page!! – Melissa, via Facebook
  • I’ve looked at your products for some time now and have been going to give them a try. Well today I finally bought the crunchy cheese. Excellent–you now have a new customer. I think I’ll try a new product every week or so. Nice to get a value for my dollar!! :O) – Jim, Missouri
  • OMG, I purchased Pajeda’s Ranch and Cheese Tortilla chips, as well as Cheese curls. All I can say is YUM!!! Not only do they taste better than the name brands (Doritos/Cheetos) but I really appreciate the price.  I have been singing their praises far and wide to all I know who purchase snack.. Thanks for great tasting, great priced products. When I buy snacks, I will always look for Pajeda’s products first. I hope you offer them in more stores in my area. – Jane, Wisconsin
  • We recently tried your Crunchy Cheese and your Tostados that we purchased at our local store. They were delicious. Just wanted to let you know. – Thomas, Indiana
  • Excellent products (ALL)… Great taste (Much better than Frito Lay) / Great value / Great packaging, etc. My question: Where have you been??? Keep marketing / selling your outstanding products…  – Dale, Arkansas
  • Dear Pajeda’s, I love your chips. I am currently a college student and I buy your chips at a local store. They are as much a part of my college experience as text books. Thank you. – Alex, Michigan
  • Just writing to let you know how wonderful your products are, one of my family’s favorites is the puffed cheese. My children love taking those to school in their lunches, and at night our evening snack is the puffed cheese, and it’s super nice how the price can remain low enough so people can enjoy a great quality snack, and don’t have to pay the high price that Cheetos are…. and when it comes to Pajeda’s snacks you will always have our support and you’re always Number #1 with our Family. – Ashley, Illinois
  • I recently tried your Pajeda’s Nacho flavor tortilla chips. I fell in love, not only with their great taste, but with the price as well. The chip itself seems to be thicker than the competitors, and it has a full nacho cheese flavor with a sneaky unexpected zesty aftertaste that I love. I’ve recommended to a few friends to give them a try and they too are now making the switch to Pajeda’s brand snacks. I hope you guys continue to expand your variety of products and flavors, and maybe a commercial or two in the future! – Brett, Wisconsin
  • I shop at a local store and my child got a bag of cheese curls a few months back. Imagine our surprise when we all liked these much better than the name brand . This is all that we buy now – they are wonderful!! – Cindy, Illinois

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